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The Bundesliga is Germany's highest tier and usually regarded as being one of the world's biggest football leagues. In contrast to other leagues, the Bundesliga has 18 teams, with 2 clubs being promoted and relegated each season. If you follow the Bundesliga consistently, Bayern Munich has essentially controlled the league for the past ten years, winning league trophy after league title, making it appear to be a one-horse race.
In addition, a few other extremely strong clubs in the league, outside Bayern Munich, regularly perform well in the Champions League despite not being able to compete with Bayern at home. There are two more excellent clubs in this division, and they are Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig.
The rivalry, however, is rather intense if you go below the top 2-3 clubs, which makes this league extremely competitive from third place to the lower divisions. The league's teams have generally increased in quality, and things are only likely to get better now that the German FA and Bundesliga have secured substantial global coverage rights.
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